United Way Funded Partners

Note: CIG indicates Community Impact Grant Project funding.

Adult Learning and Training Centre: Offers literacy and skills training services to adults in Lanark County and Smiths Falls (ages 16 and over).

Funded Program – Beginning & Transitions:

  • Family Literacy – Pass it On! – 28 parents & youth
  • Description: The primary focus of the Pass It On! Program is on pre-school children and their families. Through this program, parents & caregivers will be able to make their homes literacy friendly and gain the knowledge to support their children’s learning.
    • 2018 CIG Allocation:  $10,125.00

(2016/17/18 CIG Allocation: $30,725.00)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lanark County: Helps children ages 6-16 in Lanark County and Smiths Falls develop their unique potential through consistent dependable and non-conditional adult friendships (mentoring).

Helps children ages 6-16 in Lanark County and Smiths Falls develop their unique potential through consistent dependable and non-conditional adult friendships (mentoring).

Funded Programs – Critical Hours:

  • After School Programs for Lanark County & Smiths Falls – 305 children; 52 volunteers
  • 2018 CIG Allocation: $35,000.00

(2016/2017 CIG Allocation: $70,000.00)

Carleton Place and District Youth Centre: Offers enriching programming and much needed services to over 500 youth each year.  Work to engage and empower young people by providing a structured and nurturing environment where youth can have a voice and feel valued as members of our community.

Funded Programs – Critical Hours:

  • Kidz in the Kitchen – 65 youth; 16 volunteers
  • Description: Program aimed at helping youth learn to cook health meals
  • 2017 Allocation      $3,250.00

Community and Primary Health Care: CPHC exists to provide universally accessible and comprehensive primary health care and community support services in the promotion and building of a healthier community.

Mills Community Support Corporation:  A multi-service organization assisting seniors throughout Lanark County to be housed and supported as independently as possible for as long as possible.

Funded Programs – Successful Ageing:

  • Vial of Life – provides vials to seniors to store medication list in their fridges for access by EMT personnel in case of emergency – 1000 vials for seniors
  • Get-a-Grip Program for Seniors – provides subsidised pairs of grips for shoes to prevent falls on ice/snow in the winter – 500 pairs purchased (free to over 65; $25 if under – free if unable to afford)
  • 2017 CIG Allocation:  $4,500.00 (shared)

Lanark County Community Justice Programs Inc.:   Provides Community Justice Forums that bring together all parties affected by an incident of crime or other harmful behaviour to have a respectful, structured discussion about what happened and how the harm done can be repaired.

Funded Programs – BE STRONG – Relationships On Neutral Ground

BE STRONG is our child and youth project that works in every single school and youth centre in Lanark County to teach Restorative Practices that: build resilience; teach peaceful conflict resolution; increase emotional literacy and regulation; nurture empathy; fosters a healthy and vibrant culture of caring in the school.  Young people who are skilled in Restorative Practices and are integrated into a culture of caring at their school which leads to some pretty incredible outcomes for our kids: less behavioural and discipline problems; improves mental, emotional and physical health; a stronger sense of connection and less isolation; reduces drop out and expulsion rates; reduces addictions; reduces youth suicide rates; greatly increases the odds of a successful transition into adulthood.  Statistics for 2017:

  • 8714 participants
  • 14 staff and volunteers
  • CIG Allocations 2015-2016: $20,000 Community Restorative Justice Forums
  • Transportation subsidies for volunteers – 39
  • 2017 CIG Allocation: $3,000.00

Funded Programs – Learning to Lead Restoratively

  • Our goal is to teach restorative practices to youth leaders through restorative circles then have these youth leaders go into the community in the after school hours to teach younger kids and other community members how to use Restorative Practices.
  • 2017 Special Regional Allocation   $5,000.00 – 21 youth and 2 volunteers – Note this was part of a larger effort that supported in excess of 1000 youth

Lanark Highlands Youth Centre:  Serves youth aged 11-19 years in Lanark Highlands and surrounding areas providing programming which gives the youth an opportunity to learn and develop a series of significant life and social skills.

Funded Programs – Critical Hours

  • Our goal is to provide Life Skills training and opportunities for disadvantaged youth ages 10 to 18 years in our rural community so youth will develop useable and practical skills to enable them to make good choices for their future.
  • 182 youth participants (a total of 3742 visits); 45 volunteers
  • 2017 CIG Allocation:  $8,750.00

2016/17/18 CIG Allocation:           $26,250.00

Mills Community Support Corporation:  A multi-service organization assisting people throughout Lanark County to be housed and supported as independently as possible for as long as possible.

Funded Programs:

  • Vial of Life
  • Get-a-Grip Program for Seniors

2017 CIG Allocation:           $4,500.00 (shared with C&PHC – see above)

YAK (Youth Action Kommittee of Perth and District): Provides services for the youth of Perth and District and delivers major employment and life skills development programs for youth on an annual basis through Skills Link.

Funded Programs – Beginnings & Transitions:

  • Transitional Youth Skills for social enterprise opportunities
  • 240 training experiences for 60 unique youth
  • Creation of social enterprise business plan and best practices
  • 2017 CIG Allocation: $13,728.00

Funded Programs – Critical Hours:

  • Life Wins Project – YAK’s Life Wins project is a youth designed, youth led project that enhances social, emotional, life and employment skills of 75 young people in our community – 160 youth
  • 2017 Special Regional Allocation   $5,000.00

2016/17 CIG Allocation:           $27,456.00

Recap of lives changes and volunteers:

  Participants Volunteers
AD&TC 28 1
BBBS 305 52
CP&DYC 65 16
CP&PHC/MCSC 1500 30
LCCJP 8735 55
LHYC 182 45
YAK 60 2
Totals 10875 201

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